Real Estate

Real Estate Lawyers in Merced

Callister, Hendricks & Spencer has been representing clients in various real estate matters for more than 35 years, which has given us a firsthand understanding of the real estate environment and challenges unique to Merced County and the Central Valley.  We are recognized for our expertise, resourcefulness, and attention to detail in handling various types of real estate matters involving residential, commercial, and agricultural properties.  We advise clients concerning financing, purchasing, selling, leasing, loan workouts, and foreclosures. 

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Transactions

From initial negotiations to the closing of escrow, the purchase and sale of real estate is very common, but can also be a complicated and exhausting process.  We can assist you in the negotiation process and by drafting or reviewing purchase and sale agreements to ensure you are adequately protected from risks, and that your individual interests are provided for.  We also assist in other transactional needs including designating the form of title and property interests, assisting in securing financing and title insurance, reviewing environmental considerations, drafting co-ownership agreements, and advising about your legal remedies as a buyer or seller.

Leases and Other Contracts

Because leases and other real estate contracts bind parties to certain requirements for a set period of time, all parties involved should examine any agreement closely before signing it.  Whether you are contemplating or are already involved in a lease or other real estate agreement, our attorneys will provide you with dedicated and conscientious legal guidance.


Our attorneys have experience representing both landlords and tenants in a wide variety of disputes.  If a tenant fails to pay rent, damages the property, or refuses to move in a timely manner, our lawyers can assist in determining the best legal remedy, including eviction through an unlawful detainer action. We can help tenants if a landlord fails to honor contractual or legal obligations.

Foreclosure and Loan Workouts

In today’s residential real estate market in Merced County, many homeowners are facing the difficult situation of lender foreclosure, Trustee Sale, or short sale.  Even commercial and agricultural landowners are facing these challenges.  The consequences of each transaction depend greatly upon the unique set of circumstances, but California’s “anti-deficiency” laws protect many people in such situations from drastic personal liability.  We can help you determine what protections may apply to you, and help you make an informed decision about moving forward.

Eminent Domain

Expanding public use projects by government entities sometimes results in the government taking property from owners through eminent domain.  Although the government usually has the right of condemnation, it must pay just compensation.  We assist both government entities seeking legal advice for condemnation/eminent domain projects and private individuals seeking to ensure compensation is at the property’s “highest and best use” price.  Our office will work to protect your rights and interests.

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