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Callister, Hendricks & Spencer has been serving clients in the Central Valley of California for over 45 years. We are located in the City of Merced, at the heart of our Golden State. Our firm has a long record of providing superior legal services to our clients.

Our clients include individuals and several types of business entities, many of whom are leaders in the Merced area and in the Central Valley. Our business clients come from diverse industries such as healthcare, agriculture, transportation, real estate, construction, engineering, and both retail and wholesale commercial. Our individual clients come from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds.  We also represent several Special Districts.

Our attorneys and staff strive to create long-term client relationships.  We provide a broad range of legal services to our clients, and strive to provide a positive influence in Merced County, its surrounding areas, and in the Central Valley.


Callister, Hendricks & Spencer was initially founded by Hugh Griswold in the 1930s. Over the years, the firm has been known by several different names, including “Hugh Griswold, Attorney at Law,” “Griswold & Adams,” “Griswold & Barrett,” “Griswold & Callister,”  “Griswold, Callister & Hendricks,” “Callister & Hendricks,” and now Callister, Hendricks & Spencer.

Hugh Griswold initially began the practice when valley cowboys still toted guns and judges rode circuit. Hugh recounted cases involving cattle rustlers, bank robberies in places once famous like Indian Gulch and Hornitos. The firm serves many immigrants who came from various other countries to start farms, ranches and businesses in the Central Valley. Our current clients include descendants of those original farming and business immigrants from Japan, Italy, Portugal, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and many parts of Europe. They are representative of the vast multicultural and ethnic make-up of the Central Valley.

In 1972 Jerry E. Callister joined the firm just as George Barrett was appointed Superior Court judge and Hugh Griswold was initiating his retirement. Bruce J. Hendricks joined the firm in 1973 and Stuart B. Spencer joined us in 2007.   In addition, the firm has employed many young men and women as associates and summer interns as they progressed through college, law school and in the foundation years of law practice.

Both Jerry E. Callister and Bruce J. Hendricks have served as president of the Merced County Bar Association, have served as arbitrators in various disputes, and Mr. Hendricks has served as Superior Court Judge Pro Tem and as a mediator.

Community & Charitable Work

Our attorneys are active in several local organizations and efforts, and the firm frequently sponsors youth athletic teams and community events.  Our firm believes strongly in working to keep Merced a great family community.  Our attorneys have been active and contributing members of the Merced community, through service in and support of local Rotary clubs, charities, businesses, churches and youth groups.

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